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Kuwait Hospital: UC Chairman Baiz accept mediation role with condition
10 October
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By Newton Isaac

UC Chairman K.A.Baiz expresses his willingness do all what is needed to make use of Kuwait Hospital provided all concern parties including Jama-et-E- Islami express their willingness to discuss and resolve this matter.

The Controversial Kuwait Hospital issue seems to be getting hot-pitch these days. Arguments and counter arguments have been gushing beyond Puttalam to Island wide and European soils as well.

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Repeated Appeal to Hajjul Akbar on disuse of zakath funded Puttalam K Hospital
19 September
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Respected Ulam usthath Hadjul Akbar,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuh,

I am once again here to mete out you much pain and head ache. I just returned from the Jummah prayers from the masjid of my neighborhood.

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Appeal  to Ash-Saikh Usthath Hajjul Akbar on Kuwait Hospital
15 September
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An Open Appeal  to Ash-Saikh Usthath Hajjul Akbar, The Incumbent of Sri Lanka Jameat-e-Islami

Most Respected Usthath Hajjul Akb,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wabrakahuh. 

It is our strong conviction that your kind attention would have been drawn to the ongoing commotions about the ill-fated Kuwait Hospital of Puttalam town and I believe that you must be concentrating hard on the matter already.

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