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Appeal  to Ash-Saikh Usthath Hajjul Akbar on Kuwait Hospital
15 September
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An Open Appeal  to Ash-Saikh Usthath Hajjul Akbar, The Incumbent of Sri Lanka Jameat-e-Islami

Most Respected Usthath Hajjul Akb,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wabrakahuh. 

It is our strong conviction that your kind attention would have been drawn to the ongoing commotions about the ill-fated Kuwait Hospital of Puttalam town and I believe that you must be concentrating hard on the matter already.

It is also  strong belief of my valuable companions and me  that you would concede that the hospital has  fallen  into disuse  for many years despite the fact that it had all the sophisticated equipment, tools and hospital furniture to be  one of the  futuristic hospitals  of this blessed country.

We were taken aback to learn that respected leading lawyer of our community Mr. Faiz Musthafa. P.C., former Chairman of  Human Right Commission of Sri Lanka and former Sri Lankan High Commissioner in London adorned the hospital with his gracious chairmanship  when it was launched on   26th of  March  2006 with the  generous  financial support of Zakath House of Kuwait.  

Although the hospital is equipped with almost all the basic facilities of a modern hospital how hard it to stomach its present status that it has become a charity hospital to give medicine to the people live in its neighborhood for a mare Rs. 50.00, by a part-time medical officer, organize eye camps once in a blue moon and to lend its two brand new ambulance for concession charges like a Cab Service. 

We would like to remind you that this hospital initially supposed to be constructed in Mawanella area and it is the people within the fold of Jamaet-e-Islami tirelessly attempted to bring it to Puttalam.  Therefor we have to cautiously remember that halting this hospital from intended use is not only against the aspiration of the people of the puttalam but also it’s a sad event that prevent people from Mawanall to benefit by constructing the the hospital in their areas.

To understand the pathetic situation I would like to bring some facts from the grounds as of today for your kind attention.

  • The hospital which intend to be as a modern state of the art hospital and serve for the people of Puttalam once chaired by Mr. Faiz Musthafa. P.C is, at present run by a retired math teacher with no aim to make use of the hospital for its intended use in its full scale. Continuation of this chaotic state will make the millions worth of medical equipment located at Kuwait Hospital being rest to stand steel.  
  • Our hearts sink to hear that a consignment of expired medicines from Pakistan was burnt. No people with right mind forgive this culpability. Jamaat-e-Islamy’s Puttalam office is answerable to leave this valuable medicines go out dated. 
  • The service of all the nurses of this hospital who were trained in a foreign soil at the cost of the donors abruptly terminated with the compensation of merely Rs. 50,000.00 without any EPF and ETF contributions.  
  • Now the hospital is deserted most part of the days and only functions in the evening for the medical treatment by a part time medical officer. 

Dear Respected Usthaz, we would like to bring your kind attention one more fact that is sufficient to explain how much difficulties Puttalam people face due to lack of facilities at Puttalam Base hospital.

  • At Puttalam base hospital two pregnant mothers of Puttalam shares one bed before delivering the child. 
  • And after the delivery those newly born babies share the same bed their mothers with all their pains sleep in cold floor. 

Isn’t it wrong to say that not using a prestigious hospital built to serve people of Puttalam as the crimes against humanity. At least we will not agree that it’s a crime against those pregnant mothers and newly born children of Puttalam. 

Appeal  to Ash-Saikh Usthath Hajjul Akbar

Taking all these facts in to account and the objectives for which the Kuwait Hospital was built-up I appeal herewith to take immediate steps to ensure use of the medical equipment, instruments, beds and all the other valuable belongings of the hospital are no more idling and being used to serve the people of Puttalam.

We bring you kind attention the following items apart from the premises and the ambulances that are idling in the Kuwait Hospital.

1.More than 100 beds.

2.03 or 04 scanners  

3.Supplicated Dental Chair

4.04 ECG Machines  

5.Several ENT kits.

6.Oxygen and Gas cylinders.

7.Bundles and bundles of  unopened crutches

8.A high capacity electricity generator and great deal of other accessories.  

Immediate Action Required

  • Take necessary steps to use the idling assets at Hospitals in Puttalam to donate to where there is a dire need to serve the people like Puttalam Base Hospital
  • Apart from Puttalam Base Hospital, there are a few periphery medical unites in the villages which are under furnished and suffer lack of basic facilities.  

Therefore, we earnestly appeal to you Ash-Saikh Usthath Hajjul Akbar  to give top priority on this regard and consider donating the valuable belonging of the deserted hospital to Puttalam base hospital and other rural hospitals, since these properties made out of zakath funds to benefit to the people. 

May Allah Almighty accept our intentions and deeds. 

Jazakalluhy Khyra. 

Newton Isaac 

14th September 2014

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